Drumming Education

Tonight I have decided to expand my drumming knowledge. Partly because I am genuinely interested and partly because my girlfriend has taken over the drum set. That’s right! My girlfriend recently decided she wanted to join in on the fun of playing drums and already discovered that she did not like my sticks so we visited the local shop and got her a set of her own. She has been practicing for a couple of days and getting pretty good but this means that my practice time has been cut a little so I decided that I would spend it in musical education.

After looking up a couple of top drumming lists I have decided on “Modern Drummer” The 50 Greatest Drummers of All Time.  So as a part of my Blog I will share some basics on each of the top 50 starting with number 50. Please understand that I do not wish to get into a debate on whether or not this list is the ultimate list or that I agree with the views of this list, it is simply a guide for me to use in order to gain some knowledge about some of the greats that have come and gone and some of the living greats who I may or may not know.

This brings us to Carlton Barrett – I admit I did not know the name and aftercarly-copy looking him up I am a little embarrassed as I know his drumming well. Carlton was most well know as the drummer of Bob Marley & The Wailers. According to Wikipedia he is credited with popularizing the one drop rhythm, a percussive drumming style created by Winston Grennan.  He started by playing guitar and discovered that it wasn’t for him and moved to drums – while his was a much shorter transition, it pleased me all the same to learn that, as I still love my bass but I am going increasingly happier behind the drums. I am now 36 starting my dream of playing drums while Carlton, I was most shocked to discover, that like so many others, he died young and in this case was murdered out front of his house at the age of 36. I am going to spend some more time learning about Carlton but in the meantime I will simply leave you with a little song her wrote “War”

Stay Tuned!

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