• Taye Studio Maple 20″ Bass
  • Taye Studio Maple 10″ 12″ and 14″ Rack Toms
  • Taye Studio Maple 16 ” and 18″ Floor Toms
  • Taye Studio Maple 14″ Snare


  • Sabian XS20 18″ Medium Thin Crash
  • Sabian XS20 20″ Medium Ride
  • Stagg SH 14″ Medium High Hats


DW 3000 Double Bass


  • Pro-Mark 5A Hickory with Wood Tips (preferred)
  • Vater XD-5A Hickory with Wood Tips


Taye Wide Motorcycle

Drum Heads:

  • Remo Pinstripe Clear (All Toms)
  • Remo Emperor X Coated with Reverse Dot

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