My Drum Set Is Complete… For Now

I am going to start today’s blog by once again thanking Stuart at Paradiddles Drum Shop.  While I am sure a lot of you have had similar positive experiences from your own local shop various shops online and to be completely honest I absolutely loved my old shop (unfortunately closed at the beginning of the year) I was really struggling to get the Taye toms I wanted.  As I already have posted on some of the troubles I went through I am pleased to say that yesterday I received my Toms – not even six days after I ordered them from Stuart. As I said to him – “Thanks for doing what others couldn’t do in a month” and in the end was the cheapest price of all including shipping and all other costs – almost as cheap as the first quote with out any shipping costs.

Now I am sure a lot of you play or have played on all sizes of drum_mainpic4drums but I have to say I was a little shocked when I opened the box containing the 18″ Floor Tom – It looked massive and for a moment I thought to myself “did they mess up and ship me a bass drum?”  Of course they didn’t and once I found the legs I set it up and started to get use to it. For the drums themselves I am done for quite a while with now having a seven piece kit – 20″ Bass, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18″ Toms, and 14″ Snare. Of course with the drums now set up, I laugh to myself as I see how bare it looks without all the cymbals I have also been looking to buy (not anytime soon).

I still have some work to do to get them sounding the way I want and I will use the factory skins for now as I’m going to replace all the Toms at once.  I am on my way to be the “World’s Okayest Drummer”

Stay Tuned!

Drumming Education #49 Tony Allen

Okay so tonight I am looking into the life of Tony Allen, number 49 on “Modern Drummer” The 50 Greatest Drummers of All Time.  Tony Allen was born in Lagos, Nigeria and is 75 currently living and working in Paris. He has an autobiography Tony Allen: Master Drummer of Afrobeat co-written with author/musician Micheal E Veal which I will be adding to my reading list for the summer.

Allen is credited with co-founding Afrobeat music and was aTony-Allen part of the Africa 70 from 1968 to 1979. Tony has since started his own bands as well as releasing a number of albums and played in Rocket Juice & The Moon and The Good, The Bad, and The Queen. One thing I found interesting was that he did not start playing until he was 18 years old – still a kid but makes me feel a bit better about starting now.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Tony (as I wasn’t) but are familiar with a little Brit Pop band “Blur” Damon pays homage to Tony on the song “Music Is My Radar” makes mention of Tony Allen dancing and ends the song repeating “You really get me dancing” referring to Tony Allen.

I am looking forward to learning more about Tony and will post more once I complete his book sometime this summer. I will leave you with two video’s today – the first is Tony performing a solo in Boston,” Second is Blur – Music Is My Radar.

Stay Tuned!