36 Years Old

Ontario, Canada

I have started this blog as an extension of my drumming and my passion for it.  I started playing music when I was around 15 and although I wanted to play drums and even started taking lessons I switched to guitar because of money and lack of space / too noisy for my family.  I took a total of 8 lessons with only a practice pad to play on before making the switch to guitar.  I started playing classic guitar by taking the class in high school and joined guitar ensemble as a part of my lessons.  While I learned quickly and really enjoyed guitar I struggled with chords and as a result ended up playing bass outside of school and as part of the ensemble.

Thanks to a really good friend who took me under his wing we started a band and I continued to play bass for a number of years.  All the while still aching to play drums and frequently playing them at the jam space although I continued to be terrible.

Call it a mid life crisis or the fulfillment of a life long dream but this year I purchased drums and have started my journey.

Will Kennedy and I

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