Back to Blogging… Drumming Education #47 – Carter Beauford

It’s been quite a while since my last blog as the summer has caught up with me a bit and I have been training for a half marathon. Having said that I am still drumming every day and my weekly lessons have been going really well. I have replaced all my drum heads and have been working hard to get the snare sounding the way I want and I think I am finally there.

Today I just wanted to get back into blogging so without any further delay I would like to talk about Carter Beauford. Carter is the drummer for the Dave Matthews Band and he in 2010 was ranked 10th on Rolling Stone Magazine readers poll of greatest drummers.  Carter was born November 2, 1957 (57 years old)Carter in Charlottesville, Virginia and the story goes that when he was 3 his father took him to a Buddy Rich show because he couldn’t find a babysitter and Carter started playing drums the next day.  His completely ambidextrous style came about from years of practice in front of a mirror trying to emulate his favorite drummers. Insane!

He started his professional career at age 9 and later joined Secrets a Richmond based Jazz Fusion Band and later Blue Indigo before joining up with Dave Matthews Band. At the time Dave Matthew was a bartender at a bar that Carter would perform at regularly.  In his career Carter has also collaborated with numerous artists including Carlos Santana and John Popper.

Carter in 2003 won Modern Drummer readers poll for both Best Pop Drummer as well as Best Recorded Performance for “Dave Matthews Band: Live at Folsom Field, Boulder, Colorado.

I have two videos for today: The first is him performing Tripping Billies from 2012 and the second is a crazy video he did with GoPro performing a solo.

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