The Return of Music

I have the passion but I do not have the resources nor the talent to make it happen but I believe it is time for Music to return to television.  Pardon my ignorance if you live in a place where music in on TV regular and is supported by your community / Country but it seems that where I live it is all but dead.  For a while here in Canada Much Music and MTV stopped caring about music and really only care about so called Reality TV.

I have a vision for a show that would be similar to a talk show format in ways butMusic is life solely focused on music and the music community. I believe as most do, that we need to support our musicians and have a community that fosters their development and I believe that history repeats itself and it is time for the mass media (TV) to get back on board with supporting music. I am tampering with the idea of starting something online similar to some out there but I still don’t believe I have the resources to do so, so I continue to dream. A show that would have two live acts each show – one of a small local band trying to break through and one established artist in which before and after the show acts as a mini mentoring session. The rest of the show would be talking with Musicians, Writers, Producers, Promoters, etc and have feature segments on different studios, venues, and communities.

I think that Sonic Highways was a very important step for music and musicians but it is just that, a step.  I do not want to get into a big debate on “real” music or criticize others for their taste in music although I do get overly opinionated from time to time, I simply think that music is far more important than we ever give it credit for.  I from time to time get to hear Ongoing History of New Music with Alan Cross on my local radio station and I can’t help but get sucked in. Again this show and others that may be like it, I believe are another important step. There is always more to know behind the curtain and I find myself wanting to know more about the others struggling to get their music heard, or the bar owner that opens his/her doors to young kids playing their first show and making it all ages, the parents that inspired their kids and drove them to lessons and shows rather than just sit with them in front of the TV watching whatever “reality show” is on at the time. What about all those music teachers at all grades that helped inspire and continue to inspire more and more musicians? What about the City Counselors out there fighting to get funds and helping to raise money to keep the arts going? I can’t believe that I am the only one asking these questions and that they are important in understanding music today and getting a better insight to those songs that have so much power over us.

Hopefully someone out there is thinking as I do and is getting started on building the future. If you are that someone and need a passionate person to help out, let me know.

Stay Tuned!

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