Dreams Do Come True

So in 1998 Refused came out with “A Shape of Punk to Come” in my opinion one of the greatest albums and a one of the most important albums of my youth. Then, they broke up! Now 17 years later, they are back and this summer I will finally see them when they open for Faith No More. In 53 days, according to the countdown on their page, their new album Freedom will launch and while I am excited for what is to come I don’t know if I will be able to handle it, if by chance it blows my mind the way “A Shape of Punk to Come” did. I don’t know if the youth of today could even prepare for it. If it falls short then I am still thankful that they are sharing their gift with the world once again and that I finally get to see them live. After listening to the first single, “Elektra” I am looking forward to the album and as I have shifted from playing bass to playing drums I am immediately drawn to the piercing snare drum.  I feel that when they perform live this snare drum should drop from the heavens and settle on its stand ready to knock people on their asses.

Stay tuned!

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