Missing My Drums

After a great week and a great lesson on Saturday I had to take some time off from my drums and now I am aching to get back.  On Sunday I ran a half marathon with rundmach and my brother which was my third half but both of their first and we all made it to the finish in one piece.  While I did not push myself to hard as my goal was to pace my brother I was still sore and did not have time to practice on Sunday and decided to take yesterday off. Now it’s Tuesday morning and I am ready to play.  Need to get back on track with my playing (practice) plan!

On Saturday I also purchased tickets for my first drum clinic.  will kennedy adWill Kennedy of the Yellow Jackets will be holding a drum clinic in Burlington Ontario for only $5! Hopefully this will inspire me even more in my drumming and although I love my roots in Punk Rock, Hardcore and Emo I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge and influence in other genres.

I have now had my drum kit for over two months and taking lessons for a month and I am feeling great – I am developing an ear for beats and songs, keeping time and working my way around the kit. A small victory but I believe an important one happened last week and that is when I did make mistakes I was able to keep time and the root beat going while I collected myself and got back in.

Well this was just a quick post to get my day started and now it’s time to practice.  I will look to update my Blog soon with more photos and info.

Stay Tuned!

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