On my way to being world’s okayest drummer

Well I have being toying with the idea of starting another blog and figured it was time. Unlike my other blog which I started for some accountability as well as to be an outlet for my running this blog with be about my passion for drumming, music and just a editorial of my journey.

As you may or may not have read on my about page, I have started playing drums this year as a fulfillment of a life long desire to play.  I gave up some of our gym space in the basement and with the help of a good friend built a drum room with sound insulation to allow me to play without disturbing the neighbors (live in a town house). Now even when I play hard the neighbors hear only the faint sound of the bass drum which they say isn’t as loud as my TV surround sound and are completely okay with it.  When I put on drum mutes I can actually play at all hours of the night with my better half sleeping soundly upstairs.

I started lessons at the beginning of April and get along really well with my world's okayest drummerinstructor. Now a month into lessons I am a lot better than when I started and things are starting to come together with developing an ear to play what I like to hear. In addition to my weekly half hour lesson I am committed to playing every day with a routine that I have come up with based on how I feel I learn best and with the books suggested by my instructor. I say playing rather than practice because I am trying to remember that drums and music are about having fun and playing.  Right now I am doing hand work for an hour and a half, foot work for an hour, lesson practice for half hour and just play for twenty to thirty minutes for a total of three hours a day.

Hand work consists of working through “Stick Control for the Snare Drummer” by George Lawrence Stone on a practice pad. Foot work consists of working through the same book using only my feet while alternating my left foot between high hats and double bass pedal. As I get more comfortable with my lesson homework I also move into a second book “Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer” by Ted Reed. In the last four weeks I have become so accustomed to playing with a metronome that I discovered I have become a bit dependent on it to count for me so I have also devoted more time to just counting out loud.

Well that is enough about me for today. I will be sure to update daily so that there is more to this blog in hopes that it may end up being of interest to someone other than me.

Stay tuned!

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